Since 1996, ALDI Design has created and produced material for more than a hundred conferences and trade shows. Impossible deadlines are met with intelligent design (not the evolutionary kind); old-fashioned client service; and a healthy dose of good humour.

While every event has been different, each has caused organizers to go through the following stages: exhilaration, resignation, panic, and exhaustion. ALDI Design's purpose is to make the journey as painless as possible by organizing information into useful and attractive formats as expeditiously as possible.


The list of items ALDI Design has produced is extensive, and ranges from indexed programs to website splash pages. 

An Introduction to Conferences

Just as this program was going to print (yes, it was pre-Internet) the paper arrived and was discovered to be slightly heavier than expected.


Four pages had to disappear over a weekend or the postage would be double the budget for the 30,000 copies. 


Lessons learned: Expect the unexpected, and always design layouts to be as flexible as possible.