A Brockville Treasure

Brockville City Hall (Victoria Hall) is described for heritage purposes as: “an impressively designed stone building of strength and intricate detailing, with a clock tower of unusual beauty, sitting on a very significant central location”.

Inside the “clock tower of unusual beauty”, there is another jewel — the clock. It dates from 1904, and although there were quite a few made, there don’t seem to be many still operating.

I found a 1911 catalogue from the manufacturer, Seth Thomas Clock Company (PDF | 8 MB), which not only contains drawings of the various models, but also lists the places the clocks were installed (page 56).

Brockville City Hall is listed, as is the Gananoque schoolhouse, for which I can find no information. Coincidentally, the Gananoque Clock Tower was built in 1904, so perhaps that is where the clock is. Can anyone confirm?

I did find a few other references:

  • The Kingston Whig Standard has an article about a broken clock in St. George’s Cathedral (read here).

  • The CBC has a piece from two years ago about Calgary’s Old City Hall clock, which is described as the 16A model, installed in 1911. It cost the equivalent of $92,000! Read the article, and see the video here.

  • The Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan has a newer version (1929) you can read about here, or watch a video here.

Does anyone know what model Brockville has, or can anyone figure it out by looking at the diagrams in the catalogue?