Seaway islands

Brockville is known as the City of the Thousand Islands, which makes it easy to forget that it’s also on the St. Lawrence Seaway. In 2019, over 2,900 ships travelled the Seaway, including ships owned by Fednav. The Federal Kivalina, pictured here in 2015, is currently at anchor in Tunis.

More interesting, is that in 1953, Fednav moved their headquarters to The Coristine Building in Montreal, where they stayed for seven years.

I couldn’t help wondering if there was a connection with celebrated local photographer, Ian Coristine.

There is! Ian’s great-grandfather, James, a prominent Montreal businessman, had it built in 1901.

Sadly, Ian died in February 2020, but his photographs of the Thousand Islands continue to inspire and delight.

I was lucky enough to attend one of his presentations, and even luckier to take a photograph of him. He later asked if he could use it – one of my proudest moments.