Trinity Anglican Church

Looking east from the bell tower of Trinity Anglican Church.

In late 2014, I was one of a group of local photographers to be given access to Trinity Anglican Church in Brockville, Ontario. The church had been built in 1877, but a shrinking congregation meant amalgamation with another, and demolition.

The church had some impressive features, including a Casavant organ built in 1906 (you can see details here) which had been removed some time in the past.

The bells and chime-stand are from the Taylor Foundry in England, and were installed in 1925. The bells achieved some notoriety after two of them were mysteriously cut down in the dead of winter. Apparently, two of the remaining bells are destined for a church in Wales.

The best feature are the beautiful stained glass windows, some of which were preserved, not an easy task given that the church walls act as window frames, and the windows are very heavy.

One of the memorial windows is signed by the artist, N.T. Lyon:

Nathaniel Theodore Lyon ran his own stained-glass studio from the 1880s until bankruptcy in the late 1920s. He had previously worked for Robert McCausland Ltd., and his studio was absorbed by them upon its demise.

Robert McCausland Ltd., established in 1856, is Canada’s oldest family-owned company and the oldest stained-glass company in the western hemisphere.

It seems likely that some of the other windows are also by Lyon as there are similarities in both style and glass:

There are also a few more recent windows, artist unknown: